Our Start-ups

Our Start-ups in 2015

Colony Police

Konrad Kowalski has created an android game in which we impersonate either a policeman, or a criminal. Ergo, we can chase or be chased covering a virtual city with a spaceship.



Team: Jędrzej Piszcz, Piotr Michałek and Tomasz Golec has already endeared a sponsor and built a dron that is aspired to be able to fly 24 hours at a strech. This project is higly innovative as a  resolution aimed utterly for business.



Team: Piotr Walkiewicz (Team leader), Julia Adamska, Mateusz Piecuch, Mateusz Podgorski,

has created an application for iOS and Android that, with the help of your mobile phone can read music, and then play the melody. This application is now in beta testing.



Team Jarosław Wulnikowski (Team leader), Filip Fratczak, Jakub Krzyskow, Wioletta Rozanska,

has created an innovative Quiz. Innovative because it works anywhere with access to power and TV or projector. Gamers don’t even have to speak the same language since everyone anwsers the questions singly. A real blast for everyone. Prototype is now on.



After the success of waszaszkoła.pl Sikora did not stop, but launched another project called Wasza- uczelnia.pl

This time the biggest advantage is that a high school graduate, from giving his results from Matura Exam, will recive information about faculities he could most likely get into. Specific results from Polish universities across the country.

You won’t be able to get into Computing Science in Poznan ? How about Białystok ?